Coronation Street news: Eva Price baby bump leaves fans VERY confused over exit

CORONATION STREET fans were baffled last night when they noticed a huge flaw in Eva Price’s plan to escape the cobbles.

Last night’s instalment of Coronation Street saw Eva (played by Catherine Tyldesley) reveal to Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) that she was leaving the iTV soap for a new life in America.

Though, Adam is unaware that Eva is secretly carrying Aidan Connor’s (Shayne Ward) baby - which she plans to hand over to Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor).

When Eva announced her plans to abandon Weatherfield for the foreseeable future, Corrie fans realised she faces one big obstacle.

Several viewers on Twitter were quick to ask one big question.

How can Adam or anyone else on the street not notice that Eva has a baby bump

Coronation Street fan

“Is Adam blind?! How has he not noticed Eva’s baby bump?” wrote one audience member, which was followed by: “Eva’s bump is a bit much like.. as if your boyfriend wouldn’t notice that ffs #corrie.”

A third agreed: “How can Adam or anyone else on the street not notice that Eva has a baby bump?”

“Not being funny but I think he’ll know she’s had a baby when she gets back... #Corrie #CoronationStreet,” noted one more.

This bewildered fan added: “#corrie so when eva comes back after having a baby Adam isn't going to notice!!”

The latest shocker comes as fans also speculated that Eva and Aidan will leave Coronation Street together.

Both stars Catherine and Shayne have confirmed they will be bowing out of Corrie over the coming weeks while their respective exit storylines are being kept well under wraps.

Catherine, who has played Eva since 2011, said her latest storyline has brought back happy memories of her own child.

“I’ve got a prosthetic bump and people keep telling me I’m stroking it,” Catherine teased to Saturday Magazine.

The mother-of-one continued: “I just naturally start stroking it. It looks very real and it does remind me of being pregnant myself.

“When I first tried the bump on I sent a picture to my husband Tom. I just got one word back: ‘No!’”

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.

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