Diljit Dosanjh can teach a masterclass in personal style

Dope sneakers, attention grabbing backpacks and standout jackets

We wouldn’t be surprised if you mistook Diljit Dosanjh to be a millennial. Apart from being a singer, actor and a television presenter, he can also add the title of Instagram influencer to his CV. With his innate sense of style and his meticulously documented #OOTDs, Dosanjh has joined the ranks of celebrity Instagram influencers within a short period of time. Brands like Coca Cola and Flipkart have already roped him in, but we can’t wait to see what’s next.

One might argue that he is a brand snob and is often spotted in a slew of Guccis and Balenciagas, but on closer inspection you will realise that the man makes everything even you wear look easy. He also understands that it is all about balance. Invest in good basics but splurge on the accessories. And while it doesn’t hurt to own standout pieces that cost ₹1,25,000 in your style arsenal, only Diljit can work a Kurta with the same ease as a Vetements. Here’s a look at his best looks so you can take a few notes.

First things first: Pose like a bawse.

It doesn’t hurt to own some Gucci…

…and some more Gucci.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks – like wearing sleeveless.

Here’s a lesson in how to mix prints.

And suspenders.

Can you make your gym wear look this good?

When you’re in the mood for plain old basics, take it to the next level with a simple accessory like a gold chain.

When Diljit and Badshah are both fans of the same jacket, that means it is a must-have.

One of the few men who can make a cross body bum bag look good.

The aforementioned bag worth ₹1,25,000

Some more envy inducing Gucci.

Proof that a true style icon is not afraid of wearing affordable labels as well.

Hawaiian shirts FTW.

Don’t be afraid of adding some whimsy to your wardrobe.

A crisp white kurta is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

It’s important to make sure your squad is just as well-dressed as you.

Cute jumpers are a wardrobe essential.

And it doesn’t hurt to own more than one.

Speaking of essentials, you need a bomber jacket.

In more than one attention grabbing colour.

The man can rock a double-breasted suit.

And a three-piece suit.

And a suit with no tie (and the top two buttons open).

This is how you walk out of your private jet.

But not before taking a picture on one of the wings.

Don’t shy away from bright colours. Even when it is more than one.

Bonafide sneakerhead.

A leather jacket is always a good idea.

Minimal accessories can make all the difference.

When the inside is just as good as the outside.

Be a man. Take a bubble bath.

It’s always important to know your good side.

But no matter what, remember to stay cool.

And remember that you are the future.

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