Maybach SUV to feature camera-based suspension, chauffeur mode

More and more automakers are launching new hybrids and plug-in cars. Here are some of our favorites that you can snag for under $40,000.

As automakers work to bring the benefits of electrification to more and more vehicles, it's increasingly likely that your next car might use hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology. There are already more electrified cars than ever these days. Maybe there's one that's right for you.

In fact, a large number of hybrids and plug-in vehicles are currently available at very reasonable price points. To that point, we've identified eight of our favorite hybrid and PHEV cars that you can snag today for under $40,000, and you can see them all -- and why we like these vehicles -- in the gallery above.

While fully electric vehicles are also launching with increasing frequency, we're keeping this list to cars that still use internal combustion engines in addition to electrification. If EVs are more your speed, click here to view a list of every electric vehicle on sale in the US right now and their EPA-estimated ranges.

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