Trump Asks Who Is ‘Pretty Korean Lady’ In Oval Office Meeting, Claims New Report

Donald Trump faces another debacle over something he allegedly said during a meeting in the Oval Office. There are multiple reports coming from that meeting saying that Trump commented on a “pretty Korean lady,” who was in attendance at that meeting.

According to Fox News, this report surfaces on the heels of the alleged Trump “s-hole” countries remark that caused a this week. They report that it was his reported “s-hole” remark that has prompted some media outlets to follow-up on a story that reportedly happened last month. Trump was in a meeting about the pending release of a family held for a long time in Pakistan and this unidentified woman was presenting the information to Trump on this family.

According to the reports, Trump did ask the woman where she was from, and she told the President that she was from “New York.” The witnesses reporting this story go on to say that Trump was not satisfied with just “New York,” so the woman added that in “Manhattan,” according to the report from Newsweek.

The unidentified woman was a career intelligence analyst who specialized in hostage policy and she was at that meeting presenting to Trump the details of the pending release of this family who was being held in Pakistan. Two officials from inside the Oval Office meeting told NBC News that Trump then clarified to the woman.

Trump then allegedly asked the woman, where “your people” were from, which led her to say that her parents’ were born in North Korea. This allegedly led Trump to ask one of his advisors why the “pretty Korean lady” wasn’t negotiating with North Korea. Newsweek writes that Trump’s statement was “suggesting her ethnicity should guide her career path.”

According to Newsweek, it was this week’s alleged “s-hole” remark by Trump that prompted the witnesses to Trump allegedly breaking decorum with this “pretty North Korean lady” remark to come forward. The officials who brought this incident to the attention of NBC News suggested that the President didn’t mean any harm by his questions on the Korean-American intelligence briefer, but it does bring up concerns that he lacks cultural sensitivity.

Trump has not yet acknowledged this new “Pretty Korean Lady” report, but he did say that the “s-hole” countries remark was not true. Trump denies making the derogatory “s-hole” remark in a tweet he posted on Friday, which is seen below.

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