Tziporah Malkah admits ‘of course people hated me. I had the world at my feet’

TZIPORAH Malkah, reality TV star and former model admits “of course people hated” her when she was engaged to billionaire James Packer and “had the world at (her) feet”.

REALITY TV star Tziporah Malkah has admitted “of course people hated me” when she was engaged to marry billionaire James Packer.

The 44-year-old former model, who now says she has “hit rock bottom” after attacking her boyfriend, admitted she had “way too much” when she was Mr Packer’s fiancee in her early 20s.

“I did have the world at my feet. I did. I had everything going for me. It was unfair.

“I was young and pretty and I was engaged to the son of the richest man in the country.

“I had way too much going for me. Of course everybody hated me.”

In a frank interview on A Current Affair, the woman once known as Kate Fischer revealed the graphic details of her recent violent attack on her now ex-boyfriend while under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs.

She said the attack had occurred while she was drinking gin, taking anti-depressants and the sleeping pill Stilnox, and smoking cannabis.

The revelations come after Malkah pleaded guilty to assaulting her former partner Guy Vasey and three police officers.

Earlier this month, a South Australian court fined her $1200, but Malkah escaped a criminal conviction on four charges of assault, one of resisting police and one of disorderly behaviour.

Malkah said she and Mr Vasey, who had met as teenagers, had reconnected on Facebook and at first it was “magic”.

Then it unravelled when she went to spend time with him in the Port Adelaide area of South Australia.

“I bit him on the arm, and I fled to my room and he released me,” she told ACA host Tracy Grimshaw. “I scratched him on the face.”

Malkah said Mr Vasey called police who had “already been to the house for other issues, but similar — my property, destruction of property, and things like that”.

Malkah said after fighting with Mr Vasey, she decided to go and buy some alcohol.

“So I went to the bottle shop,” she said. “I bought some gin and tonic.

“Alcohol with antidepressants. Unwise, of course, to mix Valium.”
Malkah was also taking Stilnox, the drug that caused swimmer Grant Hackett addiction problems, and Mr Vasey had “told me that ... he had some pot for me”.

She demanded it from him, saying “You have pot. I can smell it. Where’s the pot? You have pot.

“He goes, ‘I don’t have any’.”

Malkah said she poured a bottle of milk over Mr Vasey and “then just, cat-scratched him on the face.

“It was a perfect storm [and then] ‘What have I done?’ I just was like, very, very sorry. Yeah, I was very, very ashamed.

“I have hit rock bottom.”

Malkah said she understood that when she “had it all” with James Packer, that when it fell apart people enjoyed watching “the car crash”.

“I just think it was that I’d won too much lottery,” she said.

“Obviously, the billionaire’s son and I ... the relationship between us didn’t work out.

“People have schadenfreude. I mean, I understand people who have it too good go down. “They enjoy when other people [crash].

“I understand that. People ... It’s human nature. and now she’s that - she used to be this, ha, let’s look at the downfall. That’s very human.

“The thing with James happened, pressure from work. That ... and I just refused to marry a credit card. So that was the end of it. and I was heartbroken.

“I was in love with him. I was very smitten with him.

“To get over it, it took me about eight years.

“I fantasised for years about us getting back together.”

Malkah said that despite her famously falling out with her mother, NSW Government Minister Pru Goward, they had recently met up.

“We did have a very, very nice right before Christmas,” she said. “My stepfather was overjoyed and that was good.”

Asked if she still had a problem with alcohol, Malkah, said, “I don’t currently have a problem because I don’t drink it.”

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