Meghan Markle ‘Trouble’ For Royal Family Due To ‘Background’ & ‘Attitude,’ Says ‘Celeb Big Brother’ Star

Meghan Markle has stolen the headlines from the royal family even before her wedding on May 19 at Windsor Castle to Prince Harry. With every item that Markle wears turning into a success story for the designer, Meghan has stunned in red carpet appearances with her looks, style, and (thanks to years as an actress) ability to wow in interviews. But not everyone is impressed by Meghan.

Prince Harry and Markle recently visited Brixton. Although the crowds were impressed and charmed by Meghan and Harry, one contestant in the house slammed the former actress, reported the Independent.

During her visit to Brixton with Harry, Markle showed her sense of humor, making jokes as she talked with young people representing a youth radio station. Meghan even hugged some of the youthful presenters.

But the reality TV contestant who observed Markle and Harry insisted that what she viewed signified bad news for the royal family. According to former Conservative MP minister Ann Widdecombe, who went from politics to reality TV, Markle means “trouble” for the royal family. The former politician’s views shocked Celebrity Big Brother viewers when her statements about Meghan were broadcast.

Aware that her statements in the Celebrity Big Brother home are broadcast, Widdecombe announced that she felt “uneasy” about Meghan’s background and attitude.

During their visit, Harry and Meghan spent time in Pop Brixton. The community project provides space for start-ups, small businesses, and a not-for-profit station. Brixton is viewed as the “home” to the Caribbean community in London, according to the UK publication.

Widdecombe didn’t escape without a backlash for her remarks. The Sun reported that she has been called a “racist dinosaur” for her comments to the other Celebrity Big Brother contestants about Prince Harry’s .

The conversation among the reality TV cast took place as Ashley James was putting cosmetics on the ex-politician. In response to the statement that Meghan meant “trouble” for the royal family, Rachel Johnson questioned about the reasons. Johnson commented on the differences between Markle and Harry.

Harry is 33-years-old, while divorcee Meghan is 36-years-old. When the former politician’s views were broadcast, Twitter lit up with outrage. Some accused Widdecombe as having views that are outdated and “out of touch.” Another was even harsher, branding her a “right wing racist dinosaur.”

Some Twitter users sought to analyze the meaning of labels such as “background,” with one accusing the former politician of using the word as “code for because she’s brown.”

However, some Celebrity Big Brother viewers asked why other contestants failed to “call out” Widdecombe about her comments concerning Meghan. One pointed out that the comment about Markle being married before seemed like an attempt to cover-up what the former politician actually meant in referring to Meghan’s background.

During her visit to the Celebrity Big Brother house, the former MP also faced a backlash over her comments on gay marriage. She stated that she felt marriage could only involve “a man and a woman.” Asked why she voted against pro-LGBT legislation, Widdecombe told the other contestants that what they called “marriage equality,” she viewed as the “redefinition of marriage.”

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