‘Big Brother 20:’ Swaggy C Continues To Bash Kaitlyn Herman On Twitter

There is no love lost between the two.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20 episodes not yet aired.

Kaitlyn Herman might be the most hated houseguest on Big Brother this season, but no one has more disdain for the life coach than evicted player, Swaggy C. Swaggy was the second player eliminated from the game, due to a backdoor plan set into motion from HOH Kaitlyn with help from Tyler. Kaitlyn had betrayed her own alliance by pulling Scottie off the block and nominating Swaggy next to Winston. The house split in votes, but Swaggy ultimately went home to the shock of his FOUTTE alliance members.

Since his eviction, Swaggy has not been shy about slamming the alliance member who booted him on Twitter. Most of his tweets revolve around Kaitlyn and her behavior in the house, and its safe to say she will not be getting a hug on finale night. Swaggy even made it known on he has no plans to quit hating on Kaitlyn online and would keep his antics up all summer long.

Swaggy recently responded to the controversy surrounding Kaitlyn’s flirtatious antics with houseguests Tyler and Faysal. He even took a stab at her relationship with her boyfriend outside of the house, who has also responded to her behavior and has since reportedly decided to leave her. After catching wind that Kaitlyn claimed it was “empowering” to evict the basketball player, Swaggy brought up her now ex-boyfriend on Twitter.

“I can’t wait til she gets outside the house and she realizes, it was one of the most empowering moments of Joe’s life to leave you,” he .

Swaggy also ranted about Kaitlyn’s recent comment on the live feeds, where she considered self-evicting herself after being put on the block.

“If Kaitlyn self-evicts herself, after EVICTING me, I will be LIVID. I’ll do anything to be back in that house and you’re just gonna quit?! Not even campaign?! I spent my last 4 days campaigning my A** off the best I could. If she just self-evicts, I will go OFF,” he .

Kaitlyn still remains on the block at this point in time, as the veto ceremony will take place tomorrow. Swaggy is hoping his friend Faysal chooses to remove Haleigh from the block over Kaitlyn, otherwise the two men who exchange some words on finale night.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST, Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST, and Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST.

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