Alluring Cliffside Home is Becoming a Reality, Thanks to the Internet

Last year, the Dutch practice OPA shared its vision for a concrete house built inside a cliff. Unabashedly, the designers said they sought “an investor or an ambitious owner to finance its construction.” Thanks to the internet frenzy that erupted in response to the concept, the unconventional architecture is now becoming a reality.

CNN reports that after the cliffside house garnered worldwide attention, a client who wanted to make the plans a reality contacted OPA. Now, the project will be realized 5,249 feet above sea level on a cliff in Lebanon.

During an interview with Arch Daily, OPA co-founder Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassilou said that his plan was to “break the internet.”

“We wanted to create a sensation in every possible way and through this project to actually showcase our platform this project describes fully our aesthetics and design philosophy,” he said.

Vassilous also offered advice to aspiring architects, saying they should do the same to promote their projects. “By chasing the viral idea at least you sharpen your skills and strengthen your portfolio with interesting projects,” he disclosed.

The OPA project is all about modesty and minimalism. As was reported last year, the cliffside abode makes no impact on the landscape, aside from a surface swimming pool and a set of steps.

Inside the dwelling, an incredible view of the sea can be glimpsed. Amazingly, the “skylight” above the living quarters isn’t a skylight at all. Rather, it is the view from beneath the pool, which is contained within reinforced glass.

Arch Daily reported in 2016:

“Simple, raw concrete surfaces and slabs set off by aged wood and steel form the rest of the project, placing an open living area around the main stairs and a master bedroom on the mezzanine floor, making the incredible water views perfectly visible from the bed, which is also made of cast concrete. The whole thing is cooled by the landscape and the swimming pool, thanks to the design’s clever twist – aside from the big chunk of rock removed from the cliff, there’s very little impact on the landscape.”

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most refreshing and bold concepts to be unveiled in recent years. Do you agree or disagree? Please comment your thoughts below and share this news!

h/t Arch Daily, CNN

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