‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kayla Keeps Lani’s Paternity Secret, Sal Stowers Says JJ Can’t Handle The Truth

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for the week of January 15 reveal that Lani Price makes a big decision. According to the latest issue of , Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) agrees to keep a secret. Actress Sal Stowers explained Lani’s plan if the baby isn’t “light enough” to be JJ Deveraux’s (Casey Moss.)

Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) and Lani Price made a huge mistake on Christmas Eve. They thought they could just forget it ever happened, but Lani is being left with a permanent reminder. She is pregnant and based on how far along she is, Lani thinks Eli is the father. However, she can’t be completely sure.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lani will confide in Kayla about her decision. She decides to keep her night of passion a secret from JJ. The good doctor agrees not to say anything. This is surprising considering her moral compass and the fact that she is JJ’s aunt. However, she is also bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. With that being said, Kayla does warn Lani about the consequence of her secret. She warns that if JJ ever finds out the truth, it could end very badly.

As most people know, genetics can be tricky. Even if both parents have similar features and characteristics, the child can end up looking like neither. There are a lot of people who look nothing like either of their parents, but have the coloring and appearance of another relative, like a grandparent. Plus, there are many biracial parents that have a child with very dark or very light skin, according to a forum comment on .

It seems more likely that the truth will come out if the child ends up looking like Eli’s twin. Another possibility is if the baby has a health condition, like what happened with Abigail’s (Marci Miller) son, Thomas.

In a previous interview, explained why Lani was considering abortion. It just wasn’t about not knowing which man is the father. She doesn’t feel a desire to have a child and doesn’t really want one. In the latest interview, the Days Of Our Lives actress explained that the decision to keep the baby is for JJ.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lani is trying to believe her own lies. However, she will also face a lot of guilt. As with all paternity storylines on soap operas, the truth will eventually come out. When that happens, expect explosive tempers, disbelief, ruined relationships, and long-term fallout.

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