Arizona woman floods victim with more than 65,000 texts, arrested for stalking

A WOMAN who flooded a victim with more than 65,000 text messages and called herself the “new Hitler” has been arrested — all after just one date.

A WOMAN who called herself the “new Hitler” was busted this week for allegedly stalking a man — and sending him over 65,000 text messages in less than a year — after they went on a single date, according to reports.

Jacqueline Ades of Phoenix was arrested Tuesday and slapped with charges of threatening and intimating, stalking and harassment, reports the New York Post.

A month ago, the unidentified man called Paradise Valley police when surveillance footage showed her taking a bath in his tub when he was away on a trip.

Ades, 31 — who authorities said had a butcher knife in her car — was arrested but later released and never showed up for her court date.

On Tuesday, she went to the man’s place of work in Scottsdale, and was escorted from the building. Paradise Valley cops got wind of the incident, and busted her in Phoenix. Ades — who told police she was the victim’s wife — is being held without bond.

According to court records, Ades became obsessed — visiting the man’s home and office and inundating his phone with texts, sometimes 500 in just one day, after she met him last summer through an online dating website, reported.

Last summer, the victim reportedly called the cops when he found Ades parked outside his home. Officers escorted her off the property.

Ades allegedly proceeded to send the man alarming texts following the incident.

“Oh what would I do w ur blood! … Id wanna bathe in it,” one text said, according to, citing court documents.

According to the news outlet, Ades called herself the “new Hitler” in another text.

In another message, Ades alleged wrote: “Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you…I don’t wanna be a murderer.”

Ades told police that she never wanted to hurt the man and sent the messages because she did not want him to leave her, reported.

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