"10 Tumblr Posts About Language That Will Teach You a Thing or Two"

1. There's a German word for everything.

2. Here's a solid guide to Polish swear words, in case you were interested. Spoiler: THERE'S A LOT.

3. Be very, very careful when speaking Japanese.

4. Yes, "créées" is real. Very real.

5. I can never look at the word "had" in the same way ever again.

6. When you want to say "you all would have", but are kinda in a hurry.

7. Yes, 91 in French is "quatre-vingt-onze" - or "four twenties eleven".

8. Dutch is just Silly English.

9. My brain is broken, thanks English.

10. This is a long one, but something people learning new languages might appreciate.

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