Xiaomi’s 3-axis Stabilized Gimbal for Smartphones Launched for $90

For all you smartphone photographers and videographers out there, Xiaomi has launched a smartphone gimbal with support for three-axis stabilization, time-lapse capturing capabilities and position tracking features.

The Mi handheld gimbal uses a high-fiber composite lightweight material enabling it to weigh just about 476 grams even with a massive 5000mAh battery. Speaking of battery, Xiaomi claims an impressive usage time of about 16 hours on a single charge. In terms of compatibility, the Mi gimbal supports smartphones of up to 200g in weight. In addition, the gimbal also has a traditional tripod mount to the bottom to help with still shots.

As mentioned earlier, the gimbal supports three-axis stabilization thanks to high-precision altitude sensors and a full-closed-loop servo system in place which according to Xiaomi reduces jitters in real time while panning or shooting movements in general. The control accuracy is said to be close to 0.03 degrees which is extremely precise.

With the app that goes along with the gimbal, the position of the mounted smartphone can easily be modified from vertical to horizontal or even upside down while recording itself so that the user need not pause in between scenes to change the orientation of the smartphone. Another feature on the app is position tracking, which enables the subject, let’s say a person to move around within the frame and the gimbal automatically follows the movements of the subject by selecting the target on the app. The head of the gimbal can even rotate 360 degrees which is a great inclusion.

The app also allows manual controls like controlling the ISO, white balance, shutter speed, focus points and other controls like zoom, timer etc. The gimbal is priced at 599 Yuan ($93/INR 6,324) which is comparatively cheaper than other smartphone gimbals from DJI or Zhiyun. However, there is no word about availability outside of Mainland China. Would you like Xiaomi to bring it to your country? Let us know in the comments section below.

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