Simon Gault's Mother's Day supper

Happy Mother’s Day to all you awesome mums out there. And to her kids, here are a couple of amazing yet super simple and stylish recipes to make her for supper tonight. The addition of truffle oil or paste can transform simple ingredients to a meal fit for the most special lady in your life. Truffles are normally about $4000/kg but you can use a truffle paste or truffle-infused oil instead.

Crumpet bread

This bread is so easy, make it either as a whole or use a smaller pan to for individual servings. Serve it along side the mushroom truffle mascarpone dip or as an accompaniment to green pea soup.

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Mushroom truffle mascarpone dip

I made this dip years ago in one of my restaurants; it’s a timeless recipe that everyone loves. The mushroom truffle paste can be found online and in speciality food stores and I’ve even spied some in a couple of supermarkets. Make your own crumpets and everyone will be well impressed.

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Truffle and green pea soup

A little tip regarding truffle oil, remember to keep the lid on tightly and the bottle should be kept in a cool place. Also truffle infused oil is not for cooking, but rather to dress the dish drizzling over just prior to serving. Truffle-infused oil is great over roast potatoes or mixed into a mash at the last minute. The trick with peas is to cook them on a low heat to maintain their vibrant green colour.

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