Shark Tank star Janine Allis reveals the worst business pitch she’s heard

JANINE Allis has opened up about a business pitch on Shark Tank that was so bad it didn’t even make it onto TV.

BOOST Juice entrepreneur Janine Allis has revealed the worst business she’s been pitched on Shark Tank.

Appearing on Have You Been Paying Attention? as a guest quiz master last night, Allis recalled a pitch that was so bad it never even made it onto TV.

“The worst one was, it actually didn’t go to air, but it was death masks,” she said.

“So basically when you die, they put a mask on your face and then the loved ones have it on a mantelpiece.”

Shark Tank is currently in its fourth season and so far Allis and the other business superstars have invested more than $9 million of their own money.

But as Allis revealed on The Project recently, not all of the deals made on the show actually go ahead.

“Look, not all of them get through due diligence,” Allis told The Project co-hosts in May.

“Sometimes when they actually get a big fright on [TV], they say things that probably aren’t true. And it’s confronting, so sometimes they pull out afterwards. But there’s a lot of people we don’t do deals with on the show, but we still work with them post-show,” she revealed.

Project panellist Peter Helliar asked the Boost juice founder how her own personal investments fostered on the show were doing.

“I’ve absolutely invested money and lost all of it, and I have invested money and making quite a good return. At the moment, we’re about even,” she revealed.

Allis pointed to the show’s most hot-headed shark, internet investor Steve Baxter, as someone who might be doing worst on his investments.

“Steve was the one who was really quite aggressive at the start … I don’t know how well they’re doing,” she said.

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