Carrie Bickmore’s racy remark leaves Waleed blushing

CARRIE Bickmore has left The Project co-host Waleed Aly momentarily lost for words after making a racy confession about her personal grooming habits.

CARRIE Bickmore has left co-host Waleed Aly momentarily lost for words after making a racy confession about her grooming habits.

Bickmore let slip her personal preferences during a live cross to Lisa Wilkinson on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project.

Wilkinson, who is in the UK covering the royal wedding, began the conversation innocently enough by detailing the royal wedding souvenirs.

“The merch on the ground here is unbelievable, you guys haven’t actually told me what you want yet,” Wilkinson asked the panel back in Australia

“I’ll have a tea towel,” Bickmore piped up, before Wilkinson revealed she had already picked out her souvenir.

“I’m getting you that fabulous one-piece with Harry and his beard,” the former Today host said.

“Yeah, that will be the first time I’ve had hair down there in a while,” Bickmore quipped back, before dissolving into laughter.

Appearing to be blindsided by the remark, Aly’s eyes widened with shock as he looked around the studio lost for words.

“God, I love you, Carrie. I love you,” Wilkinson replied. “Have fun over there. I’m sure Pete would like one of those swimsuits.”

Then it was Pete Helliar’s chance to reveal his grooming preferences, replying: “I do have hair down there.”

Ah, live TV.

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