33 Things To Solve Every Problem You've Ever Faced At The Beach

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1.A waterproof phone pouch because a pouch now can save you a bag of rice later.

A pair of bottle opener sunglasses for killing two birds with one stone.

3.An umbrella that's lightweight and easy to set up. It'll protect you from the elements in just a few quick steps.

A set of four drink holders so you won't have to plop your cold drink in the hot sand.

5.A folding table for a beach picnic that's a bit more elevated and sandwiches that aren't filled with sand.

A mesh beach bag with a cooler compartment that'll finally make it possible to bring just one bag to the beach.

7.A can ice pack — it may help you fit more into a cooler by making the most of your space.

An umbrella anchor for preventing your umbrella from flying a mile down the beach when a strong gust of wind comes calling.

9.A hand shovel that'll make you feel like a beach Transformer.

A beverage cooler sling for freeing up your hands to hold other beach essentials.

11.A portable safe for keeping your valuables safe from grubby beach thieves.

12.A beach toy to create the perfect sand castle every time!

13.A pack of 10 beverage plates to hold your snacks and drink in one hand.

A waterproof solar powered battery bank so you never miss a good photo op because of a dead phone ever again!

15.A microfiber beach towel that sand doesn't stick to, so you won't feel like you're drying off with sandpaper.

16.A beach chair backpack with five different positions for the various stages of beach relaxation.

A lounge chair with a face hole so you can read (or just play with your phone) while you're tanning your back.

18.A sunscreen alcohol flask to get your drank on...but on the DL.

19.And some actual sunscreen that instantly cools you down. This is one sunscreen you'll actually look forward to applying.

A beach cart for lugging all your beach essentials (and non-essentials) down to your favorite spot by the water.

21.A floppy sun hat to serve two purposes: shading you from the sun and throwing shade at unwanted visitors.

22.A water-resistant bluetooth speaker so you can jam out without worrying about ruining your speaker.

23.An inflatable lounge chair that'll totally put all the normal beach chairs around you to shame.

A set of blanket anchors so you can stop saying, "see ya later alligator" to your blanket every time the wind blows.

25.A dog lifejacket for enjoying the sand and surf with your favorite beach buddy. Plus, it has a top handle for grabbing your pup out of the water if you need to!

A windscreen to shield you from wind, sand storms, and most importantly, everyone else on the beach.

27.A Wet Brush for easily brushing out post-swim knots you thought you might have to take a scissor to.

A pair of aqua socks that'll protect your feeties from scalding hot sand and razor sharp shells.

Or a pair of water shoes disguised as espadrilles so you can look super stylish while protecting your feet!

30.A deck of waterproof cards so they won't get ruined when you play Go Fish.

31.A wrap dress to quickly and easily throw on over your bathing suit.

32.A sand removing mitt because sand will follow you home and haunt you forever if you let it.

33.An umbrella hat for people who want shade without carrying a big umbrella to and from the beach.

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You are now ready to go steppin' on the beach do do do dooo!

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