Matt Baier Remains Silent As His Supposed Suicide Threats Air On ‘Teen Mom OG’

Matt Baier disappeared from the Teen Mom OG spotlight after Amber Portwood decided to break up with him on this season of the show. After he admitted to relapsing, Amber questioned whether she should forgive him and take him back. Plus, she added that they had filmed Marriage Bootcamp together, and she felt that he didn’t take it seriously. While Portwood was willing to give their relationship one more shot, she felt that he wasn’t taking it seriously. She decided to end their relationship, and while their onscreen romance was done, Matt wasn’t done trying to win her back.

As it turns out, tried desperately to get Amber Portwood back. On this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber told the producers and Andrew Glennon that Matt had emailed her and texted her messages that could sound like suicide threats. He wanted to get her back so badly, and she seemed a bit worried that he would potentially do something stupid if she didn’t get back together with him. Perhaps Amber had decided to cut all ties with him and didn’t reply to his messages or emails, as it would be disrespectful to her new boyfriend. As it turns out, Baier has said nothing about these suicide accusations.

While the scene aired during Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Matt Baier remained silent on social media. He could have said something to defend himself, but his accounts have been somewhat stagnant since he and Amber broke things off. Since splitting from Portwood, Matt got married to another woman in Las Vegas, and it is possible that he doesn’t want to disrespect her by going off on a rant on social media to defend his behavior from months ago. It’s also possible that he doesn’t want to justify what Amber is saying, as his children may be watching the show and they don’t want to hear that their father contemplated suicide over a breakup.

Matt Baier is currently not filming Teen Mom OG. It sounds like he’s done with the franchise for now, as he has moved on with another woman. He’s currently back in Los Angeles, while Amber and Andrew have settled down in Indiana.

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