Sofia Vergara Shows Off Incredible Figure In Skimpy Bikini After Eating Cinnamon Rolls And Cheese

Sofia Vergara is doing a good job of giving people good reason to be jealous with the latest photos she’s posting on her Instagram account. The 45-year-old TV star with one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood is currently enjoying a tropical vacation with her husband, Joe Manganiello. On Thursday, she shared an image of her posing in a two-piece bikini after days of eating high-calorie foods.

The Modern Family actress is standing seductively in the room where she and Joe are staying. An overlook of the ocean is behind Vergara, who’s wearing a black bikini top and leopard-print briefs. She also had on sunglasses and a sheer paisley wrap. She accessorized the look with a gold bracelet on her left wrist and had her dark hair parted in the middle with a wind-blown look.

Sofia Vergara has been posting photos of the scrumptious goodies she’s been consuming on her holiday vacation. Over the weekend, Sofia shared with her 13.6 million followers the plate of delicious snacks she’d been eating, which consisted of a variety of cheeses, crackers, fish, and meat. On Wednesday, she posted a snap of her carb-rich meal containing a cinnamon roll, piece of toast with jam, and a scone. She did mention that it was her “last day” of indulging.

“Enjoying my last days of vacay!!!!” , using the hashtags #allucaneatcarbs, #casachipichip, and #Istartdietmonday.

Some of those commenting on Sofia Vergara’s photos wonder how she can eat like that and still look the way she does. A few scolded her for eating “unhealthy,” but most were aware the star was allowing herself to take real vacation by eating some foods she rarely touches. Vergara’s bikini photo just goes to show how it hasn’t changed her killer physique. Besides, her waistline isn’t going to expand over eating a few sugary foods in the course of a few days.

Sofia posted a romantic photo of her cozying up to Joe. The two were sitting on a white sofa with Vergara wearing a frilly white dress and accessorizing it with large matching earrings.

A number of other photos show Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello on their vacation. They haven’t filled fans in on where they’re staying, but are referring to their getaway as “Casa Chipi Chipi.”

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