Apple has Decided to Patch the Security Loophole that Allowed Authorities to Crack iPhones

Apple’s iPhone has been repped for being one of the hardest phones (encrypted) to gain access to by anyone other than its owners. The company has been battling legal suits with law enforcement agencies and has so far refused to incorporate a backdoor or any sort of special access for the authorities.

The access to iPhone was gained by exploiting a well-known bug which allowed the authorities to plug in a USB cable and transfer data from the phone. Starting now Apple has stated that it is plugging in this loophole. Needless to say, this has stirred an unrest among law enforcement agencies who see this move as something that will hinder their progress in several cases.

Apple is now planning a software update that will disable the phone’s charging, headphone and other ports an hour after being locked. What this means is that the people trying to gain access to your iPhone will need to punch in the password and until this is done the ports will remain locked. That being said the phone can still be charged but a password is a must to gain any sort of access.

In the recent past, a device called GreyKey developed a thriving business by allowing law enforcement authorities to gain access to iPhones. The authorities decided to get help from third-party after Apple refused to help them unlock the suspect’s phone. It is alleged that law enforcement agencies have spent millions of dollars on gaining access to iPhones. Things got dragged on into the public view after FBI couldn’t access the iPhone of a gunman responsible for killing 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif.

That being said it is not reasonable for the authorities to ask Apple to keep the loophole open and not patch it. Smartphones have taken a center stage in every individual’s life. Nowadays smartphone data is an amalgamation of personal, professional and financial data. It is not very assuring to know that the authorities have access to your phone and your personal data. Personally, I feel that Apple is doing the right thing by patching the loophole.

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