Photo tour: South Carolina's historic Drayton Hall

South Carolina's historic Drayton Hall

Established in 1738, Drayton Hall is an icon of colonial America architecture and identity and a National Trust Historic Site. The main house remains in nearly original condition after seven generations of family ownership, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and devastating hurricanes and earthquakes. The main house was never modernized with electric lighting, plumbing or central heating or air conditioning and is unfurnished, allowing the beauty of its architectural details to become the focus for visitors. Surrounded by ancient live oaks and bordered by the historic Ashley River, the entire site — including the historic grounds with its broad vistas, vanished structures and rare period features — serves as a testimony to American history.

You can visit Drayton Hall and enjoy its wide selection of guided house tours and programs, including the annual Distinguished Speakers Series. But before you plan your next trip, take the virtual tour in the slideshow above.

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