Unexpected twist to ‘perfect’ Tinder date

A Melbourne woman thought she’d found “the one” only to discover her dream man was hiding something that changed everything.

A woman who believed she had found “the one” on Tinder was horrified to discover he already had a girlfriend.

Alita Brydon, from Melbourne, had been exchanging “personal and intimate” but “mundane” emails with the man in question for several weeks but had struggled to meet up, The Sun reported.

Her crush lived in a town two hours away and was busy with work and kids but, as Alita describes, was “readily available on the phone”.

However, one day she received a message from him saying he would be in town and they should meet up for a drink, which went well from the moment they met.

“Without saying a word he laid his lips on me, laid his palm on my lower back and kissed me. It was happening. Everything was coming together,” she told MamaMia.

Alita returned from the date positive things would go further, as she said: “I’d met the one.”

However, when she woke the next day, she was met not by a message from her date but one from an unknown woman that read “stay away from my boyfriend”.

She was horrified as the woman revealed she had met the man after Alita had matched with the him, and the woman had introduced him to her family.

The pair had even planned to move in together, and Alita’s dream man had apparently purchased an engagement ring.

She apologised to the woman before blocking the man she believed to be “the one”, warning others to be careful of who they trust.

Alita has not been shy when it comes to her dating life having previously spoken out about her “addiction” to Tinder where she spent 1460 hours on the app.

She explained she was also blowing money on the dating app where she was a Gold member.

“What if a match with Mr Right is only $3 away? It’s like having a pokie machine in your phone, just one more hit and you might win the romantic jackpot,” Alita explained.

“Surely, love is worth an extra three bucks! I was getting deeper and deeper into the Tinder trap.”

The writer has since gone on to delete her dating profile.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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