PSA: Nutella Sandwiches Home Delivered At 3 am

Six drinks later and much after midnight, you’re no picnic. But lay out a blanket anyway and brush aside pizza from Trats, because we have Nutella sandwiches on the way.

Our tastiest discovery this past weekend is that The Nutcracker, Kala Ghoda (+Bandra) delivers these chocolate-loaded carbs well into the night; last order at 3 am! (All of you who know already and are rolling your eyes at our tardiness, yes, we're late to the party).

This midnight saviour is built with eggy, buttery slices of brioche bread, toasted and slathered with Nutella. The bread is nicely salty which cuts through a more than generous coat of chocolate, but if you still crave something savoury, try Nutcracker's seasonal raw mango Akuri eggs. They're greasy and gauche, just what you need to fill that hollow pit in your tummy.

Order via Scootsy, Swiggy or Zomato; last order for Bandra is 3 am, and while Kala Ghoda is meant to be 1 am, we got our treat well after the cut off time last weekend.

Aren’t you glad you bread this?

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