Hand luggage: Always pack this in your carry on bag for a cruise ship holiday

CRUISE holidays are an easy way to travel as you only need to unpack luggage once, despite visiting multiple destinations. However, there’s one thing holidaymakers should be sure to pack in their hand luggage if flying to the starting point.

Cruise holidays can involve a flight ahead of the trip if travellers are taking a fly-cruise. This type of holiday requires careful hand luggage packing - and there’s one thing you should be sure to include. With the risk of hold luggage getting lost in transit, it’s key to be prepared. It is wise to pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage should you be separated from your main baggage.

By having a spare pair of clothes you’ll be better set if you’re left without your luggage for a day or so should there be delays.

If luggage is lost en route it will need to be found and then shipped to the next port of call - all of which can take some time.

The same rule applies to any important toiletries or medication you may have.

Although make sure that whatever you’re packing is under 100ml if a liquid in your hand luggage and permitted on board.

Another advantage of packing key items in your hand luggage is that you can get involved in onboard activities straight away.

Sometimes it can take time for your luggage to be delivered to your cabin when you board a cruise, which could hinder you from diving right into the fun.

According to the travel experts at Cruise Critic: “In case your suitcases are delayed in being delivered to your cabin, you'll have a swimsuit or dinner attire on hand and can enjoy all the onboard activities right away, rather than waiting for your bags to show up.”

If travelling as a family then it could be worth packing half of your belongings in someone else’s case and have everyone do the same.

This way if a bag does get lost then everyone will have clothing options rather than one person being completely scuppered.

Keep valuables in your hand luggage too as they could be stolen if left in carry on luggage.

Many travellers might be concerned about wearing their jewellery for a flight as it could set alarm off at airport security.

However, if you are wearing good quality metal this shouldn’t be a problem. Airport security systems are alerted to magnetic metals - and gold and platinum are not magnetic.

Duncan said: “Jewellery alone shouldn't set off alarm bells as you pass through security unless they resemble the shape of something dangerous.”

However, if you are stopped at airport security with valuables - be wary about opening your bag in the open.

“If you're travelling with some fabulous jewels in your bag and you are stopped at security, ask for a private room if they want to inspect your bag,” Sarah Duncan, Head of Jewellery at Chiswick Auctions, told Express.co.uk.

“Airport security has to provide this for you and that way you keep your jewels away from prying eyes!”

Be sure to keep any jewellery separate to prevent damage, too. “Make sure you keep your jewellery well away from your perfume or toiletries,” Duncan recommended.

“In case of a spill, those corrosive substances could possibly damage the pearls.”

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